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The Interview: Guernsey Electricity's Alan Bates

Alan Bates, MD Guernsey Electricity talks to Laura Clayton about the European energy crisis and how we can help.

GST in Guernsey? Taking a look at the tax proposals

Proposals for changing the way tax and social security contributions are levied and weighted have been published in Guernsey. Laura Clayton takes a look at the proposa...

Jersey: Andy Weir - leading change in Adult Mental Health Services

A year ago, a damning report into Adult Mental Health Services in Jersey was published, concluding that while there were examples of good practice, the service was ess...

Politics Disassembled: Talk of the town

This week you're going to hear a lot of statements like: “Together, we will make Jersey a thriving community." It can only be Common Strategic Policy week in the State...

Jersey: Bob Le Sueur - an ordinary man with an extraordinary life

Express finds out more about the life of Occupation hero Bob Le Sueur MBE through the recollections of historian, broadcaster and author Chris Stone, who helped Bob re...

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