The Queen and Jersey: 1989

This special edition series by Bailiwick Podcasts takes an in-depth look at the memorable moments from Queen Elizabeth II's six visits to Jersey throughout her 70-year reign. This episode focuses on 1989...
The Queen’s fourth visit to Jersey in 1989 marked a more relaxed atmosphere than on previous occasions and showed how the monarchy was adapting to a changing world.

In the space of a little over a decade since her last visit, Britain had elected its first female prime minister; and had gone to war over the Falklands.

Closer to home, Jersey’s population had jumped from 73,000 to 84,000; the island had gifted the Falklands £5m to aid their recovery; the States had abolished the death penalty; and St. Lawrence had elected the island’s first female constable....

Welcome to ‘The Queen and Jersey’, a special edition series by Bailiwick Podcasts.

This is an audio version of an article by Eric Blakeley and the Bailiwick Express team. You can read the full piece, accompanied by stunning photography from Jersey Archive's collection, here.

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The Queen and Jersey: 1989
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